General inspectors are not enough

Property condition assessment consultants, home inspectors, and engineers simply do not have the wealth of roofing knowledge that Silver McGee consultants have, or the ability to create exacting budgets for anticipated roofing costs.

Buyer's Reports

Our reports provide buyers and their professionals with information about the type of system installed, the expected remaining lifespan, conditions for concern, and budgeting for repairs and replacement. From the purchase of single-family homes to industrial spaces, buyers rely on Silver McGee for valuable roofing information.

Return on inspection cost

The return that buyers and sellers realize compared to the cost of our services is often a large multiple. Identification of active and latent issues with roofing systems allows buyers to bring greater leverage to the bargaining table than when only armed with a general inspection report. A lack of issues and documentation of the same allows sellers to defeat spurious claims of needed work.


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