Planning comes before profits

Even the most skilled tradesmen need a polished back office operation in order to turn a profit. Problems with insurance, subcontractors, employees, bidding, ownership, and customers can ruin any company. Our decades of experience owning and managing construction firms can be applied to your company.

The difference between profit and loss, on a single job or in a whole year, requires understanding of markup, overhead, the cost of labor above wages, gross margins, net profit and return on investment. Other challenges include:

  • Determining a company's valuation and true owner compensation
  • Managing insurance premiums and calculation of insurance in bidding
  • Indemnification agreements and contract liabilities
  • Strategies to create profit, and increase profit
  • Job management to ensure profit
  • Employee management
  • Salesmen compensation
  • Managing subcontractors
  • Conflict resolution with customers

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