Value-tailored advice

Property managers for condominium complexes, high-net worth individuals, and corporations have sought out Silver McGee's services when in need. Unlike a roofing contractor, our focus is to advise you on the appropriate roofing solution for your needs and your budget.

A roofer on your side of the table

Bringing deep knowledge of the trade to your side of the table ensures that work of proper scope, design, materials, and methods is negotiated and performed, all within your budget.

End roofing problems

Silver McGee is often sought to identify the cause(s) and design the solutions to chronic roofing issues caused by severe weather or substandard design. Professionals recognize that trial-and-error with contractors is not a proper course of action when faced with underperforming roofing systems.

Solar Installations

Installation of photovoltaic cells on structures in the Northeast is both an opportunity and a risk. Many national solar panel companies do not take into consideration the challenges of installing cells while also preserving the watertight integrity of a roofing system that must withstand hurricanes and standing snow/ice. Silver McGee can specify installation procedures, methods, and materials specific to your roofing system and work with your solar company to achieve a successful installation.

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